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Custom Development & Manufacturing of G2 Fluorosilicone Injection Machine (G2-FSM)

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Lockheed Martin Engineering contracted LX3 Corporation to handle the complete design, solid modeling, sourcing, manufacturing, and documentation of a G2 Fluorosilicone Injection Machine for a Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) program. This piece of equipment was developed and fabricated in conjunction with our client to meet LX3 Corporation specs, and is used for injecting sealant into various passageways on an F-35 JSF during assembly.

To begin this project, LX3 first designed this machine based on conceptual CAD models using Solidwork files. We also perform all part and material sourcing. After final designs for this equipment are approved by our client, we combine our CNC machining, welding, and assembly operations to manufacture the unit from a mix of aluminum, mild steel, and stainless steel materials - meeting ultra-tight (+/-) 0.0003 of an inch precision tolerances.

This G2 Fluorosilicone Injection Machine, pictured above, possesses multiple components, all machined and assembled in-house, which include the following:

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G2 Fluorosilicone Injection Machine
  • Base Assembly
  • Upright Assembly
  • Trunion Assembly
  • Power pack Assembly
  • Handle Assembly
  • Long hose Assembly
  • Short hose Assembly
  • Shutoff and Z Swivel Fitting Assembly

The design and manufacturing of this injection machinery is now currently an on going project for our company. Built to order in just 10-12 weeks, our G2 Fluorosilicone Injection Machines are delivered to our client's facilities in Fort Worth, Texas and Marietta, Georgia. LX3 Corporation will also eventually supply this equipment to Alenia Aeronautica, Italy and the USAF, as factories are built and F-35s continue to be deployed. We also distribute several injection adapters that are used to interface this machine with an aircraft.

To ensure the quality of our products and guarantee they fulfill our client's unique specifications, we perform manual inspection of all components as needed during assembly and test/calibrate machine function. In addition, we provide Lockheed Martin with full documentation for this machinery, which includes a comprehensive operation manual. Our products always meet with absolute customer satisfaction for both design and performance.

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Custom Development & Manufacturing of G2 Fluorosilicone Injection Machine (G2-FSM) Project Highlights

Product Description The G2 Fluorosilicone Injection Machine was developed and manufactured in conjunction with Lockheed Martin Engineering for injecting sealant into various passages on the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter during assembly.
Capabilities Applied/Processes
Product Development
  • Design
    • Designed Machine Based on Conceptual CAD Models
  • Solid Modeling (Solidworks)
  • Part & Material Sourcing
  • Supporting Documentation to LMA Specs
    • Operation Manual
      • Details on Machine Function
      • Details on Operation Procedure
      • Details on Calibration Procedure
      • Supporting Photos & CAD Drawings
  • CNC Machining
  • Welding
  • Assembly
  • Testing & Calibration
Equipment Used to Manufacture G2 Fluorosilicone Injection Machine
CNC Mill
CNC Lathe
TIG Welder
Tightest Tolerances ± .0003
Material Used
6061 Aluminum
Mild Steel
416 Stainless Steel
17-4 Stainless Steel
Finish Aluminum: Anodized
Steel: Powder Coated
Base Assembly
Upright Assembly
Trunion Assembly
Power Pack Assembly
Handle Assembly
Long Hose Assembly
Short Hose Assembly
Shutoff and Z Swivel Fitting Assembly
In process testing/inspection performed Manual inspection of components as needed during assembly.
Testing and calibration of machine function
Estimated Machine Weight 190 lbs
Manufacturing Turn Around Time Built to order 10-12 weeks
Industry for Use Military
Delivery Location Fort Worth, Texas
Marietta, Georgia
Product Name G2 Fluorosilicone Injection Machine (G2-FSM)

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