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View Example LX3 Tooling corporation Custom Manufacturing, Precision Tooling and Product Development Projects

LX3 Tooling Corporation has handled countless custom projects for our clients across a wide range of industries. From CNC machining and assembly, to precision tooling and custom manufacturing, we work with each client to ensure the highest quality work and service. For an in-depth look at a few of our projects, and to learn how we can accommodate you, please select a project below.

CNC Machining & Assembly of Titanium and Stainless Steel Engine Mounts For The MilitaryCNC Machining & Assembly of Titanium and Stainless Steel Engine Mounts More >>   G2 Fluorosilicone Injection MachineCustom Development & Manufacturing of G2 Fluorosilicone Injection Machine (G2-FSM) More >>
X-73 Space Plane FlaperonsDevelopment & Manufacturing of X-73 Space Plane Flaperons & Ruddervators More >>   3-D Solidworks Model of Mold - Pest Control Bait StationProduct Development & Precision Tooling of Pest Control Bait Stations More >>
Initial HyFly Missle RamJet Ground TestPrecision Tooling & Custom Manufacturing for HyFly Missile Program More >>    
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