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Mustang Gauge Vacuum Form Tool
Mustang Gauge Vacuum Form Tool
Four Cavity Injection Mold Tool
Four Cavity Injection Mold Tool
Large Bond Tool in Process
Large Bond Tool in Process

At Lx3 Corporation, we provide precision services, meeting tolerances as low as (+/-) .0005 of an inch or better. Lx3 can either build tool-to-print or design the tooling ourselves depending on project needs. We can design assembly fixtures, injection mold tooling, composite lay-up tooling, machining fixtures, and custom special application tooling. In addition, we can handle the outsourcing of any necessary EDM, heat treatment, surface treatments, or texturing operations, ensuring proper project completion.

As with every one of our premium services, our precision tooling operations provide fast, reliable turnaround of superior quality products. Working with virtually any required material, our ISO compliant precision tooling capabilities always meet high industry standards and exceed customer expectations for quality. Contact Lx3 today to learn more!

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Precision Tooling Capabilities

General Precision Tooling Capabilities
CAD Modeling (2-D, 3-D)
Tool Design

Tooling Types Designed & Manufactured
Assembly Fixtures
Composite Lay-Up Tooling
Injection Mold Tooling
Special Application Tooling
Machining Fixtures
Test Fixtures
Vacuum Form Tooling

Precision Tooling Manufacturing Processes
CNC Machining – CNC Milling, CNC Turning
EDM Machining – Wire EDM, Die sink EDM
Precision Grinding – Surface Grinding, Centerless
In Process CMM probing
TIG Welding
Heat Treatment
Surface Treatments
Mold Texturing

Materials Worked With
Aluminum Alloys
Steel Alloys
Ren Tooling Resin System
Tool Steel – P20, H-13, S7, A2, D2
Stainless Steels
Copper Alloys

±.0005" or better

Production Volume
Specialty Production Shop
Low Volume

Lead Times Available
Quoted on job by job basis
Rush Services Available (Expedite)

Industry Standards
ISO 9001:2015
American Society for Testing and Materials
International Organization for Standardization
Military Specifications

File Formats Accepted
Solidworks - Design Software Utilized
SurfCAM - CNC Programming Software Utilized
Corel Graphics - Graphic Software Utilized
(*.sldasm, *.sldprt, *.slddrw)
(*.scprt, *.dsn)
(*.cdr, *.cpt)

Additional formats

3D CAD formats:IGES (*.igs, *.iges), Parasolid (*.x_t), STEP (*.step, *.stp), ProE (*.prt, *.asm), Unigraphics (*.prt)
2D CAD formats:AutoCAD (*.dwg), DXF, (*.dxf)
Image formats:JPEG, TIFF, PNG, GIF, BMP
Other:Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint Portable Document Format (*.pdf)

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