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Product Development & Precision Tooling for Pest Control Bait Stations

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Injection Mold of Bait Station
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3-D Solidworks Model of Mold - Pest Control Bait Station
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Completed Pest Control Bait Station

VM Products, a company that develops and markets a line of pest control products, contracted LX3 Corporation to provide the final product designs for a series of bait stations. We also designed and manufactured the injection mold tooling for this product line, meeting ultra-tight tolerances as close as ± 0.0003".

LX3's involvement with this project included:

  1. Final product design of RBS1, MBS1, and FBS1 based on customer concept
  2. Design of 5 separate injection mold tools used to produce these products
  3. Completion of all customer requested part and tool revisions

Our customer’s product line continues to be a big success and VM Products has established themselves as a leader in the pest control industry.

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Product Development & Precision Tooling of Pest Control Bait Stations Project Highlights

Project Description  

LX3 provided the final product designs for Bait stations.

Lx3 designed and manufactured injection mold tooling for pest control bait stations product line.

Capabilities Applied/Processes  
Product Design
  • Designed RSB1, MBS1, and FBS1 Based on Customer Concept
  • Designed 5 Separate Injection Mold Tools
  • Manufactured Injection Mold Tools
    • CNC Machining
    • Polished molding surfaces
    • Wire EDM, Die Sink EDM and Texturing
      • Outsourced
Equipment Used to Manufacture Injection Molded Tools  
CNC Mill
CNC Lathe
Surface Grinder
Wire EDM
Die Sink EDM
Tightest Tolerances   ± " 0.0003
Material Used  
  • P20
  • H13 Tool Steel
Final Products
  • Polypropylene
  • Polyethylene
Finish   Polished Molding Surfaces w/ Textured Areas for Appearance
In process testing/inspection performed   Tooling Components
  • CMM
  • Dimensional Inspection
Manufacturing Turn Around Time   10 - 14 weeks for tooling
Industry for Use   Pest Control
Standards Met   Customer Concept
Delivery Location   Arlington, TX
Product Name   Product Development & Precision Tooling of Bait Stations

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